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Saturday, 14 December 2013

Norfolk - the sunday after the surge.

We were subdued as we drove to Norfolk from Suffolk as we had heard of the terrible floods with people losing their homes to the sea and it didn't seem like the time for a jolly; in fact, we only got as far as Snape (in Suffolk) before hitting the first flood and having to detour.
We arrived in inland Holt at dusk on Saturday afternoon to find it all lit up with Christmas lights and busy with shoppers and suddenly we were glad we came!

Our accommodation was warm and welcoming and secluded- we had a lovely time the next day at Deepdale Christmas Market and then went off to Wells-next-the-sea hoping it wasn't too storm wrecked.

We were rewarded on Wells beach with one of the most beautiful sunsets of the year

It was like a little slice of heaven, and it was great to see that most of the beach huts had survived the surge. There were lots of people on the beach on this December sunday and I think everyone felt quite emotional at the beauty of the afternoon- the calm after the storm.

If you are not local to East Anglia or the east coast you probably didn't hear too much about the storm as the death of Nelson Mandela overtook all other news, but the surge was greater than the floods of 1953.

On my Facebook page there is a link to photos of the storm and the  photographer is selling prints of one of the photos to give money to the fund for victims.

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